Moira Simpson


My name is Moira Simpson. I am an artist, educator, consultant and writer based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia where I have my studio. 

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Under the banner of Evocative Art and Heritage, I provide a range of products and services, so please explore my website to find out more about me, my work, and the events that I organise.

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Workshop sizes are always small to give you more personal time with the tutor and to provide a more enriching learning experience. Importantly, you are provided with plenty of work space so you can spread out your work. One on one workshops are available on request.

Transport can be provided from airports, stations etc. on request and local accommodation is available if required.

Moira Simpson

Ph.D., M.A., B.A., PGCE, Cert IV in Small Business Management

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Evocative Art and Heritage

ABN: 26 469 153 422

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Encaustic - painting and sculpting with wax is one of the oldest forms of art in history. The term encaustic comes from the Greek word enkaustikos which means to burn in. Encaustic is great fun and amazing art forms can be quickly achieved. 

The workshops run from 10am until 4pm each day and cost $120 per day which includes encaustic medium and paints, 4 boards for working on each day, plus other assorted materials (approx value $30), and refreshments and lunch. One to one tutoring is also available.

Encaustic Art 1: Colour & Mark-making is the introductory one-day course. It is a pre-requisite for taking the 2-day workshop Encaustic Art 2: Layers & Images, unless you have already attended an encaustic workshop elsewhere.

Please contact me to set up a convenient time to attend a workshop.

As the editor of Textile Fibre Forum, I encourage you to take a look at some the the exciting art forms and innovation in the world of textiles.

Coming in 2018

marjolein dallinga (canada) tba

For inspiration, see Marjolein's website

YekatERiNa (Katia) Mokeyeva (USA)

Dates currently being finalised. Bookings being taken.

Katia's website - photos of the 2016 workshop - Participant comments

Due to the need for interstate and overseas tutors to advance book 
airfares, decisions about workshop viability needs to be made no
later than 3 months prior to the workshop. So, If you are interested in 
attending any workshops, please let me know by completing a booking form to ensure the workshop will run.