I am a practising artist, using fibre arts, encaustic, acrylics and collage, and teach workshops and give illustrated presentations. My qualifications are in visual arts, art education, and museum curatorial studies, specialising in museum and art gallery education. In 2010, I was awarded a doctoral degree entitled The Spirit of Change in Contemporary Museums which explored issues associated with the protection, display and interpretation of Indigenous sacred and ceremonial objects.

I have over twenty years experience of teaching in schools, universities and in museums and art galleries as well as extensive travel and research in a number of countries. Through the teaching of practical art workshops, professional development for teachers, and illustrated presentations, I am committed to increasing intercultural understanding using artworks and the collections of museums and art galleries.

I offer illustrated talks and professional development of arts in culturally diverse contexts, including Indigenous Australian art, Maori art, Indonesian art, Native American art, and Inuit art. These slide presentations can be adapted to suit the needs of different audiences including teachers, students, art societies and guilds. For a list of topics, click here.

As an educator, I offer professional development workshops and training sessions for pre-service and in-service teachers which focus on arts and intercultural education, and make links across the curriculum. Practical workshops are designed to build the knowledge and skills of teachers by introducing techniques and materials, encouraging experimentation, addressing the aims and objectives of the Australian Curriculum, and considering optional tools and techniques to suit the needs of different ages and abilities of students from Grade 1- Grade 12. For further information about teachers education activities, click here.

I have published extensively on art education and museology, including materials and publications designed to support teachers in implementing a multicultural art curriculum and being aware of culturally sensitive issues. To see a list of publications aimed at teachers, click here.

As a museum curator and educator, I believe in the importance of lifelong learning and community engagement. My commitment to these objectives is reflected through exhibition development using innovative design, interpretation, active learning, and strategies for the development of visual and critical thinking designed to enhance the experience of visitors of all ages and to encourage inter-generational interaction between children and adult family members and carers.