Comments from participants in Katia's workshop.

Very well organised and facilitated. Great venue. Lovely like-minded people. Fantastic space. Clean. Fun & Happy. Loved it.

Katia was very generous in sharing her knowledge.

Fantastic, clean bathroom, parking, great kitchen, good light and heating. Ticked all the boxes and great location for those in the hills or coming from town.

Facility was good, tuition was great, refreshments were quality. The class was a perfect size to capitalize on all the other great aspects.

You can never know too much and artists themselves are always developing new styles and techniques

The more you learn the more you develop your  own style and shortcuts and techniques

Fabulous! Great tutor, lovely people, very enjoyable. Very generous with her time and knowledge, and lots of fun

Great food.

Fabulous! And the small numbers was great to allow Katia to give more attention.

Just fantastic! Keep them coming. Love the small group atmosphere. It makes sharing skills and knowledge super pleasant.

Learned so much, and Katia made the process very easy - almost magic.

Tutors expertise was worth the money.

So much to learn from Katia and lovely manner.

Lovely lunches.

Thank you for organising the workshop for Katia. I learned a lot.